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I represent injury victims from my law office in Brooklyn. Reach out anytime to discuss your case with me. Free consultations, zero obligations.

455 Utica Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203
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Results for My Brooklyn Clients

Check out a few examples of the results we’ve recently achieved for our Brooklyn injury clients.

$1,500,000.00 Serious Back Injury
We were able to obtain a $1.5 million mediated settlement for a 40 year old Long Island man who fell 10 feet from a ladder while performing a repair on a gas station sign. Read More
$1,000,000.00 Rear-End Accident
We obtained a $1 million settlement at Trial for a 57 year old Queens teacher who was rear ended while stopped for traffic on her way home from work. Read More
$825,000.00 Workplace Injury
We helped secure a $825,000.00 mediated settlement for a 32 year old New York City electrician who fell from a ladder while installing BX cable in the ceiling of a newly renovated office in a Manhattan high-rise. Read More
$825,000.00 Pedestrian Collision
We helped obtain a $825,000.00 settlement for a 40 year old NYPD officer who was struck by a driver who ran a stop sign. Read More
$400,000.00 Fall Down Stairs
Our law firm helped secure a $400,000.00 settlement for a 43 year old Brooklyn man who fell down a set of stairs after stepping into a trap door inside of a Brooklyn bodega. Read More
$400,000.00 Auto Accident
Our firm helped obtain a $400,000.00 settlement for a 50 year old NYC Department of Education security guard who was injured in a two-car accident when a young driver made a U-turn into her car. Read More

Areas of Practice

I focus my practice on helping Brooklynites who were injured in the following types of incidents:


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The time it takes to resolve your slip and fall case depends on multiple factors, such as injury severity, available evidence, complexity of your case, and the willingness of the other party to settle.  When it comes to recovering compensation after a slip and fall accident, the timeline varies greatly depending on the specific circumstances of your case. No two cases are alike, and neither is the process for...