• Auto accidents

    There are few events more life-altering than a bad auto accident. One moment you are fine, then through another’s negligence behind the wheel, your life can suddenly change forever.

  • Premises Accidents

    Owners of apartment buildings and big box stores have an obligation to keep their property in a safe condition, free from dangers such as a broken staircase or wet floor that may cause you to trip/slip and fall. If they fail to live up to their obligation you may have a claim.

  • Sidewalk Accidents

    Owners of property in New York City have an obligation to keep their sidewalk in good repair, which means that there shouldn't be any holes or raised portions that could snag a person's foot as they are walking. If a sidewalk has caused you to fall you may have a case.

  • Construction accidents

    New York is a vertical city - and because of this we have special protections for the construction workers who help build it. Unsafe construction sites present very dangerous risks to those workers and if injured, they may have recourse.