When you go to work, you expect to do your job in a relatively safe environment. Even if you work in a dangerous profession, as long as you observe proper safety protocols, you can expect a certain level of safety in your job. Yet – through the negligence of a coworker or your employer – you are injured on the job.

This can be a frustrating position to be in, but New York City personal injury attorney Anthony A. Ferrante believes you have a right to a safe workplace, and will work tirelessly to ensure that those responsible for your accident are held accountable.

Accidents on the job

When people or organizations fail to maintain a certain level of safety, it can result in an extremely hazardous environment for employees. Yes, construction site accidents do happenslip and falls, falls from a ladder, heavy equipment accidents – but safety standards exist to ensure that such things happen as little as possible. This is why, when you are hurt through another’s negligence, you deserve compensation, as well as the promise of a safe workplace in the future.

The advantage of an attorney

It is a frustrating fact that when you go after a company for restitution, you will almost always run up against an insurance company. Insurance companies specialize in giving the minimum in compensation. Unfortunately, as you face mounting medical bills and an uncertain ability to work in the future, minimum compensation is not enough. You need to be paid for what happened to you, and you need the maximum possible award to meet the uncertainties the future holds.

No matter where you were working or reside, whether it be Long Island, the Bronx, Kings County, Queens or Brooklyn, you will almost always do better in court with an experienced lawyer on your side. Our firm knows how to face down the big insurance companies, through a thoroughly prepared case, and we will be glad to do the same for you.

It is worthwhile to seek help

You deserve the highest quality legal representation you can find, and our firm is here to provide it to you. Please fill out our contact form or call us today to see what we can do for you. Mr. Ferrante is happy to meet with you personally, either at home or in the office, to discuss how he can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.