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New York Workers’ Compensation Settlements

There are various types of workers’ compensation ny settlements that can have different effects on your rights after a work injury. Let us help you determine what your case is worth. No matter how many benefits you receive, keeping your workers’ compensation case open for the long haul can be a pain. Your employer, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, and state agencies might engage in seemingly endless monitoring of...


Do I File A Workers’ Comp Or Personal Injury Claim After Workplace Injury?

Injured at work? Depending on the circumstances of your case, it is important to understand workers’ comp vs personal injury claims and which one you’re eligible for. If you are injured at work, there’s a good chance that you have a right to receive compensation and other legal remedies. But how do you seek relief after suffering harm on the job? That depends on whether your legal claim qualifies...


What Should I Do After Being Injured on a Job Site in New York?

If you have suffered an injury while working, you need to take quick action to assert your rights under New York’s workers’ compensation laws. The workers’ comp system allows injured employees to receive medical treatment and wage replacement benefits paid for by their employers. You do not have to prove employer misconduct to receive benefits, but you must be smart about how you handle your case. So, what are...


How Much Is My New York Construction Site Accident Case Worth?

Construction accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, and determining an appropriate case value can be complicated. The compensation you receive could vary significantly compared to a case involving similar circumstances. If you suffered injuries on a construction site in New York, it’s crucial to contact an experienced New York construction accident attorney. Anthony A. Ferrante has years of experience representing injured workers and knows how to evaluate your case. ...


What Are the Most Common Fact Patterns in Viable Construction Site Injury Claims?

Hazards abound on construction sites, and several state laws give workers and passersby the right to seek legal relief for the injuries they suffer in construction accidents. So, if you are a construction site injury victim, when and how can you request legal remedies for your losses? We review the answer to that question below. And when you are ready to initiate your claim, Anthony A. Ferrante is the...